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Moving Forward even with Setbacks!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Hello all, here we are again for another week of updates. This past week has been quite difficult due to a flare-up of symptoms which included extreme stomach pain, migraines, and back/body aches. I really want to write about my journey because it might help someone who is also struggling with their health. Plus, discussing our issues is "cathartic" (which is also the inspiration for the Catartika classes!). Let me start by saying that I never gave too much importance to health, until I didn't have it anymore! I have always been a fun, party type of gal who enjoyed going out and staying out late dancing until the wee hours of the night. I have never been particularly healthy, but I managed the issues I had without thinking too much about them, until a few years ago.

In 2012 I started having some pretty bad headaches and some body aches, but I was still managing pretty well. In 2015, I begun having some bad stomach issues that never completely resolved. A year later I started having bladder issues and the headaches just got worse and worse, turning into full blown cluster headaches/migraines; however, the true problems really began in July 2020. Right in the middle of the pandemic, I ended up in the ER for severe upper stomach and abdominal pain. A short time after that, I started having all sort of body aches and tons of other issues that just got worse and worse. It got so bad that I ended up tearing my meniscus and hurting my arm without doing anything except for walking up and down the stairs in my house. Because of all these issues, I ended up having anxiety and depression, especially because I felt like I couldn't do the things that I love the most, and in particular dancing! At some point, it got so bad that I couldn't even do the stairs.

Recently, things fluctuate from pretty bad to somewhat better, but I made the conscious decision to keep moving regardless of all my issues. If one day I can only move a finger, then I will put music and move a finger. If one day I can move more, then I will do more, but I refuse to put a stop to my passion. I don't know if this post can help someone and encourage them to not give up, but I certainly hope so. I also hope that I can inspire people to be grateful. If you have your health, you are rich! I plan on keep posting updates so stay tuned!


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