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Group Dance





An Emotional Release Experience

Through the Power of

Music and Movement!


Discover the extraordinary world of Catartika™ - a unique method blending Yoga, free movement, and psychotherapy. Developed from my experience as a dancer and psychotherapist, Catartika™ harnesses the proven benefits of dance, music, and movement for

mental well-being.

In a Catartika™ class, you'll embark on a transformative journey. Through guided stages, we unlock stagnant emotions, allowing you to experience profound release. No dance experience is needed; this is a distinct method that goes beyond traditional

movement practices.

Catartika™ integrates ancient wisdom and cutting-edge research, offering a holistic approach to emotional healing and self-awareness. It's a transformative experience that empowers you to embrace your true potential.

Join us for an incredible journey of self-discovery, where movement becomes a catalyst for transformation. No dance experience required, just an open heart and a desire to explore your inner world!


I will soon start conducting a research study on the benefits of Catartika. As a participant in the study you will receive a free Catartika class, and in exchange you will be asked to provide feedback by filling out a simple form at the end of class.

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Dancing Hands Touching

Collaborative Choreography
for Inner Healing


This is a transformative choreography class, open to individuals of all abilities, but especially those with physical disabilities, those who always wanted to dance but for whatever reason couldn't, and those navigating challenges related to anxiety, trauma, or depression.

Through a collaborative process, we explore individual and collective experiences, allowing each participant to express their unique narratives through movement. 

In this safe and nurturing space, we harness the power of movement and creativity to cultivate resilience, release emotional burdens, and foster a sense of empowerment.   

Discover the transformative potential of dance and embark on a meaningful journey towards

self-discovery and healing.


These classes will also provide our participants with exciting performance opportunities to showcase their artistic expressions and share their remarkable achievements with the world.


To stay informed about the start date of

this free class, please

fill in the form below.



*By signing up to this class you agree to the following 


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