Group Dance


What is Catartika™?


An Emotional Release Experience

Through the Power of

Music and Movement!


Catartika™ is a unique method which combines some elements of Yoga and free movement with components of psychotherapy. This method has been developed combining my personal experience as a dancer and psychotherapist as well as numerous available research studies highlighting the benefits of dance, music and movement on mental health.


A Catartika™ class has different parts in which the participants are guided into a unique transformative experience aimed at releasing stagnant emotions mainly through movements. This is not a dance class 


Research Study

I am currently conducting a research study on the benefits of Catartika. As a participant in the study you will receive a free Catartika class, and in exchange you will be asked to provide feedback by filling out a simple form at the end of class.

To sign up for the study please fill in the form below.

At completion, you will receive an email with information about our next class.

*Class days/times will depend on participants' availability


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