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The Development of Catartika


Experience the transformative power of movement with Catartika™ - a unique approach that goes beyond traditional dance classes. Dancing has always been my personal sanctuary, providing solace and happiness even in the toughest of times.

Inspired by extensive research on the mental health benefits of movement, I created Catartika™ to make guided movement

accessible to everyone.

Catartika™ is a profound mind-body connection, taking you on a journey of self-exploration. It's not your typical dance class focused on technique or choreography.

In Catartika™, we delve into the depths of our emotions through guided instructions. We embrace our individual movements, letting go of stress, stagnant emotions, worries, and old emotional wounds. It's a liberating experience of dance/movement improvisation.

Join us in embracing the healing power of movement. Discover the freedom to express, release, and find joy in your body's language. No dance experience needed - just an open heart and a willingness

to let go.

Who can benefit from Catartika™?

ANYONE! There is no prior dance experience necessary. The class can be enjoyed by professional dancers as much as by someone who never took a dance class. Catartika™ is open to anyone, including people with some physical disabilities. All you need is to be at least 18 years of age and have an open mind.


Catartika™ is especially beneficial for people who feel stressed out, overwhelmed by every day life or want to let go of "stuck" emotions and even old emotional wounds. 

During class: Make sure that you wear comfortable clothing. You might also want to bring a towel or a yoga mat as we might do some floor work.


During class, you might experience strong emotions.

This is normal and it is part of the process to reach a happier state. There will be some talking and sharing during class, but nobody is forced to do so. Get ready for a unique session in which you will experience emotional release through self discovery and guided movements. 


To sign up to the upcoming research study and participate to a Catartika class for free, click the link below

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