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             Coloring pages (sample)

Sauro the Dino teaches

Relaxing "chill" breathing to help children calm down.

Stress management/Relaxation script for adults

Seven techniques to manage distressing emotions!

Check the BLOG page for free tips and even free sessions (on art as a therapeutic tool, anxiety, etc.)  


To purchase high quality, printed on canvas, limited number copies of LaLaZen's developer's original artwork, click below.


We currently offer apparel for sale with our wonderful LaLaZen logo, LaLaZen Buddha, LaLaZen Dance, our cute LaLaZen Bee Mascot and LaLaZen Bee Kids! Click below for a variety of products including, leggings, t-shirts, mugs, bags and more!

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We currently offer two books for sale. 

Sauro the Dino, The Sweetest Dino is for children 4+

The Secrets of Sofia is for older teens/young adults due to some mild adult content

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