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LaLaZen™ was created to provide a variety of online services and products to gain

the so coveted mental and physical well-being that we all want.

The creator of LaLaZen™ has 30+ years of experience in the fields of dance and art, and 8 years of
experience as a psychotherapist.
The extensive knowledge and love for dance, art and psychotherapy is what led to the creation of LaLaZen™. 

Our mission is to help everyone find a way to be happy and free themselves from the stress that life can bring!

Some of the services that we currently provide include free support groups for therapists, information on traditional mental health services, our unique Catartika™ movement classes and other dance/movement classes.


Since we strongly believe that creativity elevates happiness, we also have a creative/fun section with free resources (for both children and adults!), and even books, art, and fun apparel for sale!


As a bonus, we have a blog with inspiring messages and tons of free tips and lessons on how to manage

negative emotions and life in general.